Siven’s new down filling machine for garment items

Two-scale automatic Filling feather machine with air injection system for forced filling of padded items of clothing with the amount of feathers/down required, which is accurately weighed out by the unit scales
ALAN P2-T has a smaller storage box than ALAN PIUMA and fills with up to max. 30 g of feathers. A suction unit near the injector collects the flock that escapes from the filled piece when it is removed from the injector, so that the workplace is kept clean and healthy.

Plotter machines in Siven sublimate in mirror image

The Siven’s plotters are of the highest level of productivity to meet the demanding requirements of all their customers. They are distinguished by double print heads arranged staggered to achieve high-speed performance at a print speed of 41 m2 / hr. Their reinforced rails, scaffold roller and frame provide a solid foundation for smooth work and outstanding print quality. To capture every gradation and detail of your design, each chapter launches precise drops in seven different sizes to accommodate media characteristics and print quality. A mirror image of sublimation clothes is printed on the paper.

Functionality of fabrics using the Siven brand

In order to ensure comfort in any kind of sporting activity and to achieve high results, it is undoubtedly an unbeatable factor the athlete’s garment. We at Siven understand all the needs of athletes, so we keep the fabrics we work with to be of the highest quality. The fabrics are proven and guarantee the…

Production capacity SIVEN

The production capacity of Siven Bulgaria is increased

Siven Bulgaria increase its production capacity with new machines in its technical park. We are proud to announce that we can now offer our customers new models of garments with fluff. We also expanded and diversity of species closing seamless socks by the toes, reinforcing zone sock (heel and toe) against wear, 3D effect on the selected portion of the sock to achieve greater relief.



A world class event will be held in Albena, Bulgaria – World ARDF Championship. “Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs” kindly invites individual ARDF competitors from all over the world to participate in the event. SIVEN is proud to be supplier of the official wear.
“Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) is pleased to invite ARDF individual competitors and visitors as well as guests from all over the world to the ARDF World Cup that are to be held in Bulgaria in 29 august – 3 September 2016.
Bulgaria and more specifically the Bulgarian seaside has been the host of numerous important international ARDF competitions and we, as organizers, have always done our best so that both competitors and guests leave our country with nothing but good memories.
We will make sure that the ARDF World Cup 2016 will be lead accordingly on the highest technological level and with excellence in what concerns attending to the participants’ needs and questions that they might have.”
BFRA President


“Siven Bulgaria” Ltd. signed for grants under the operational program “Competitiveness and Innovation”

On 20/06/2016, the “Siven Bulgaria” Ltd. signed Contract BG16RFOP002-2.001-0574-ML1 for grants under the operational program “Competitiveness and Innovation” procedure BG16RFOP002-2.001 “Improving production capacity in SMEs” Priority Axis 2: “Entrepreneurship and capacity for growth of SMEs’ Investment priority 2.2” capacity growth of SMEs.

Project Title: “Investment in new equipment for sustainable growth” Siven Bulgaria “OOD

The deadline for execution of the contract is seven months, the project was launched on 06.20.2016, and the ending 12/01/2017, the

The overall objective of the project proposal is to increase the competitive advantages of “Siven Bulgaria” OOD, through the realization of investments in modern technologies and upgrade leading to increased production capacity of the company. Specific project objectives include: • Introduction of new technological solutions leading to improved resource efficiency and effectiveness in the production process; • Reduce the duration of production per unit of output by renovation of the machinery of the company; • Realization of investments for modernization and renewal of production equipment as a factor to optimize company performance and increase production capacity; • Automation of production activities and operations as a result of the purchase of new technological equipment; • Increasing the export potential of the company as a result of purchased and put into operation new production equipment; • Streamline and automate operations “sewing” stretch by purchasing and commissioning of new technological equipment; • Diversification of production through the introduction of equipment for three new products – socks, football socks partial plush and wedges for cycling;

The total budget of the project is worth 452 165.00 lev., As a contribution of the European Regional Development Fund and national co-financing amounting to 316 515.50lv.