Ski wear

Production terms

Answer to yours questions 1 day 60бр.
Preparing of design 3- 14 days 80бр.
Time to production 3 days- 3 months 100бр.

15 pieces is the minimum for order. They can be in diferent types of colors.


With many years of experience to the team of SIVEN gained from working with different types of customers (sports teams, equipment for clubs, ski schools, etc.), Our exploratory department develops specialized alpine conditions and suitable for ski clothing fabrics. They have increased resistance to abrasion and bleaching-way or four-mentioned stretch fabric made mechanically or by spandex. Membranes them can be a different type – polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyester or polyurethane. As sustainability waterproofing is usually between 15 to 20,000 mm water column and breath ability 10-15 000 mm (RET 6-9).

All materials used by SIVEN test lab before being implemented on production to ensure the high quality of our every product.

Also, we well understand the responsibility and care of all of us to protect the environment and carefully monitor trends to create eco-friendly materials that will reduce harmful substances in nature.


Design and constructions

The design team of SIVEN has modern equipment enabling to create designs in the shortest time.

Also we have our modern version of CAD CAM system Gerber, allowing us fast and accurate changes to models and optimization Over production.

The SIVEN’s innovation department works with athletes from different countries who provide free clothing for testing and optimizing the fabrics, materials and structures of different types of clothing.

For us every opinion counts.