Sports and technical socks

Production terms

Development time of new model custom design- 3 days 60бр.
Time to corrections 1 day 80бр.
Production capacity of 700 pairs per day/ technical sport socks 100бр.


Our company has extensive experience working with clients mainly for European and American markets. The main sports that have a tradition in the production are:

bike socks
running Socks
ski socks (skiing and cross-country skiing)
orienteering socks

military socks



We also sponsored a wide range of partners, athletes and people with active lifestyles who experience any new product before it can be offered to customers.


Suppliers of the company are various European companies producing high-tech materials for the production of socks (Coolmax, Thermomax, Thermolite, Tencel, Merino wool, etc.).


Our company is equipped with high-tech machines for manufacturing

-technical sport socks
-compression socks (for sport)
-and ski socks
All machines are modern technology allows seamless stitching of the article toe.


We use materials and technologies for the production of socks allow us to give two year warranty on every product.


We have our own design team tith the ability to respond to diferent types of challenges- from short term development to design customer- specific design variations.