“SIVEN BULGARIA” is a private Bulgarian company. Our headquarters is in Sofia. The total land area of the company is 8 000 m² of which 4 500 m² are production facilities and the rest are warehouses, offices and company stores.
As of the moment we have up to 350 employees, professionals in different spheres and situated in different regions of the country. As well we have more than 20 sales representatives (dealers and distributors) in other countries, outside Bulgaria.

“SIVEN” Today

Siven management has approved a growth plan till the end of 2021. It encompasses the following direction:
  • Renovation of the machinery park
  • Purchase of additional modules of computer programs for the designers’ department aiming optimization of the models development process
  • Updating of software GERBER / CAD/CAM
  • Participation in specialized expos in other countries
  • Extension of the product line
  • Partnerships with companies producing certified products that can’t be produced in Bulgaria.
If you need wear for presentation purposes or a complete corporate project, we can guarantee you that you will get our full attention and we will provide you with professional project to high quality product in accordance with your needs and requirements!

“SIVEN” Standards

SIVEN has ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality standards and the up to date ISO 9001:2008, 14001
Production technology and materials:
Bioceramica – inovative materilal
Bemis – seam sealing tape technology.
Primaloft – high technology thermal insulation
Thinsulate – light weight thermal insulation.
YKK – materials with long lasting exploitation
Cordura – anti-peeling and abrasion resistance material.
Articulated sleeves – for maximum comfort.
All these technologies are suitable for the production of tactical and military clothing that have proved out in many orders we have executed for different agencies. For example: Bahrein military force – seam tapped fur coat, polar – three layers, anti-peeling, tactical trousers. Firefighting services in France – fur coat and pants with seam sealing tape, tactical clothing for foreign missions in Afghanistan under the NATO brand logo. The Forest police Bureau of Serbia – non-flammable clothing with membrane technology and seam sealing tape technology.

Our history

SIVEN is one of the first private companies in Bulgaria since 1989. It was founded in 1991 and is specialized in the production of confection – apparel, textile, garment and outerwear clothing.
Through the years our company has become one of the leaders in the Bulgarian market and sustains constant trend of growth.
Through all these years “Siven” branded clothing has established strong presence on the Bulgarian and European market and stands for comfort and high quality.

2000 – 2013

Expansion in two different directions:

  • Confection – suits (men’s and women’s apparel), coats, jackets and trousers – manufacture for other companies and under own brand („PDA” and “Barbour” England, “Jonson” USA, “Hereward”, “Stranesse” Germany, “WE group” Germany ”Sсhenker” and many others)
  • Sportswear – ski wear and clothing for sport teams under their own brand (clients – Quelle Germany,VL Trading Netherlands)
  • Sportswear for other companies – „Colmar” Italy, „Besson” Austria
  • Public procurement – development of models, designs and implementation of different projects as: “Executive Forest Agency”, “Ministry of Defence”, “Capital municipality inspectorate”, “Customs” Agency, Automobile Administrative Agency, Bulgarian Posts, Sofia Airport, Heli Air, Directorate Pirin National Park, Directorate National Rila Park, Directorate Central Balkan National Park, BTK, Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (Vivacom), Ntional Sport Base Belmeken, Sofyiska voda
  • Corporate fashion wear – development of design and implementation: BNB bank, UBB bank, Mobiltel, Globul Bulgaria, Vivacom, Nestle – Bulgaria, Craft foods, “Spetema Caffe”, “Johnson”, „Alma tour”, “Balkan holydays”, Pizza “Victoria”, „Bulgarian Red Cross”


Acquisition of one of the main competitors in our country – “Vitosha” factory

1991 – 1999

Brand development in two directions:
  • Confection – suits (men’s and women’s apparel), coats, jackets and trousers
  • Sportswear – ski wear and clothing for sport teams under their own brand