Team sport wear

Production terms

Answer to yours questions 1 day 60pcs.
Preparing of design 3- 7 days 80pcs.
Time to production 3- 28 days 100pcs.

10 pieces is the minimum for order. They can be in diferent types of colors.


With many years of experience to the team of SIVEN gained from working with different types of customers (sports teams, equipment for clubs – orienteering, running, cycling, football, etc.), Our exploratory department develops specialized fabrics for these conditions.

Leading factors for us and our customers in the development are:

-rapid passage of moisture from the body
-lack of odor after prolonged use
-increased durability of matter.

Design and construction

The design team of SIVEN has modern equipment allowing for the establishment of a specialized team designs in the shortest time.

We develop and offer two main collections:

summer collection (blouses and tights for training, race blouses and tights ,representative team wear, runing and orienteering socks)
winter collection (blouses and tights for training , race blouses and tights ,representative team wear, runing and orienteering socks, softshell)


Fabrics used both collections are in different price classes and special developments of the company.


The terms of offering a dedicated design team have one day to personalize ready Model- seven days to offer their own design.

It is possible to offer a comprehensive vision of clothes for teams including the whole team team (training blouse, training pants, racing shirt and trousers, representative equipment and equipment for leisure)

The Department for Innovation SIVEN works with athletes from different countries who provide free clothing for testing and optimizing the fabrics, materials and structures of different types of clothing.

Team SIVEN has a full opportunity to propose appropriate materials and types of clothing for sports teams, equipment-appropriate clubs, jogging, cycling, and also for sporting events.

For us every opinion counts.