Winter army clothes with taped seams

capacity per month

Jackets 2 000 pcs. 80pcs.
Trousers 2 500 pcs 100pcs.
Hats 2 500 pcs. 100pcs.

Summer army clothes

capacity per month

Jackets 2500 pcs. 70pcs.
Trousers 3 250 pcs. 75pcs.
Shirts 5 000 pcs. 93pcs.
Blouses 6250 pcs. 100pcs.
Hats 2500 pcs. 70pcs.

Fabrics and production technology

Winter military uniforms:

Fabrics with membranes – a polyester or polyamide in a combination of the membrane with a composition of polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane or polyester.

Of course the leadership of our company understands the public’s concern and efforts to protect the environment and strives to offer fabrics that are used environmentally friendly materials protecting the environment.

Insulation – Thinsulate, Primaloft, Theramore

Ability to USE foil type “Bemis”

Technology taped seams stopping water penetration.


Summer wear:

Rip stop fabric, all possible combinations with cotton, polyester and polyamide and the possibility of further processing – Teflon, flame-retardant and others.


We have our own design, structural and technological department equipped with GERBER CAD CAM enabling rapid response to any type of clothing.

Our team  have the opportunity to develop a different type of camouflage stamp on fabrics suitable for different latitudes .


For any questions and clarifications, please don’t worry to hesitate to email or call us.